I’m so Smart

I’m so smart because I can speak, write and read in two languages such as English and Spanish.

I’m intelligent because I’m doing level B at math Kumon’s class and level A-II at the reading class.

I’m so good at hockey because I took lessons and passed two levels. I enrolled in martial arts classes and I received a yellow belt. Also, I took tennis classes, learned to play, and passed two levels. Finally, I’m good at swimming because when I was living in Mexico I spent two years learning how to swim.

I use different programs on the computer and I can hack my mom’s cell phone.

By Rene.

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Who is the funniest member of your family and why?

Fatima is my aunt. She lives in Veracruz, it is in Mexico country. When my brother and I travel to Mexico always visit Fatima. She is very nice, she always making jokes and funny faces. She makes always got me laughing. I like being with her because I never got bored.

Fatima is considered by my mom as a sister because they lived together since childhood. Sometimes my mom told me funny stories about Fatima. She always has positive energy and I love her very much.

She enjoys playing with my brother and me. Sometimes she seems to be our age by her behavior, she doesn’t give shame of nothing for example she can make funny faces in public or with all my family so she just began laughing.

Fatima likes to sing and she does it very well. She sings in a musical group of events in Mexico and travels to different places.

I like to share time with her when I visit my country.

By  Rene.

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The Library Lion

One day a lion came to the library. The lion wandered all around the library. He sniffed the card catalog. He rubbed his head against the new book collection. Then he padded over to the story corner and went to sleep. The library didn’t have any rules about lions in the library.

Soon it was time for story hour, the story lady seemed a little nervous but the lion looked up and he stayed for the next story. The story lady told him “story hour is over”. The lion roared very loud, Miss Merriweather marched over to the lion “if you cannot be quit, you will have to leave”,  she told to him. The lion kept roaring and a few minutes after he stopped roaring because she said a promise to him something.

The next day the lion came back to the library, he helped Miss Merryweather to clean the library and he does differents activities inside the library and the next day too. At first, the people in the library were nervous about the lion but soon they got used to having him around.

One day, Miss Merryweather fall down. The lion tries to go and get Mr. McBee,  the lion ran down the hall but Mr.McBee ignored him so the lion roared the loudest roar in his life. He has broken the rules so he walked towards the door and left the library.

The next day Miss Merryweather’s arm was in a cast, she was working in the library but the lion did not come. That morning Mr. McBee looked at the lion in different places. Finally, he found him he told him so the next day the lion came back to the library. Everyone was happy for he came back.

By your super friend Rene Blanco.

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When a Dragon move in

At the beginning of the story, a Dragon move in your perfect sandcastle. With a dragon in your castle, you will have a build-in marshmallow toaster and you can do other fun activities, the best of all,  no beach bully wouldn’t dare your castle with a dragon inside. You will want to share the great news with your family, there’s a dragon in my castle.

The feathers from my dragon’s wing are good for tickles. The boy’s mom, dad, and sister don’t believe he has a dragon. The boy orders the dragon to leave the castle. The Dragon learns some manners so the boy destroys the perfect sandcastle. At least until tomorrow, the boy built another sandcastle so the dragon’s family moves in.

By your friend Rene.

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Please Please the Bees

Every morning the bees deliver 3 jars full of honey to Benedict. Until one morning things weren’t the same, something terrible happened. The bees were on strike. Benedict’s activities during the day weren’t the same without honey. The bees had to fly miles away just to find enough flowers to make honey. If Benedict wants honey things need to change. Benedict had been selfish. He did some research and learned how to harvest honey. Then he was ready to show the bees all the work he had done.

At the end of the story, the bees went back to work, and Benedict still has his daily routine. He doesn’t take the honey for granted anymore. He knows his life is sweet but now it is even sweeter for everyone.

I like this story because it shows how Benedict had to work for obtaining a benefit and not taking anything for granted.

By your friend Rene.

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My beautiful Mexico

My country where I born is in Mexico. This place is very rich in customs, typical dishes, beautiful people, nice beaches, nice weather, and other things.

All my family is in Mexico like my grandma, grandpa, my cousin, and my uncle. Just one time in a year we travel to Mexico to visit my family. We enjoy the typical dishes,  go to the beach, do Mexican tradition. The best Mexican tradition for me is Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November every year. During the holiday, family members gather together to pray for deceased family and friends, and to remember them. It is a festive and colorful holiday. Mexicans visit cemeteries, decorate the graves, and spend time there. They also make an elaborately decorated altar (called ofrendas) in their homes to welcome the spirits and decorating altars with photographs, skulls made from sugar, candles, etc. The spirits are greeted with offerings of special food and things that they enjoyed when they were alive.  It is believed that the spirits consume the essence and the aroma of the foods that are offered. When the spirits depart, the living consumes the food and share it with their family, friends, and neighbors. The altar includes sugar skulls, hot chocolate, fruit, photographs, candles, the bread of the dead is a special bread that is made especially for the season. Graves are decorated with the idea that the dead return there first. In some villages, flower petals are laid in paths from the cemetery to the home so that the spirits will be able to find their way. In some communities, it is customary to spend the whole night in the cemetery, and people make a party of it, having a picnic, playing music, talking, and drinking through the night.

Day of dead brings me good memories. When my grandma made beautiful altars. I remembered, she decorated the altars with photos, sugar skulls with the name of each deceased, scented candles, fruit, bread, hot chocolate, tamales, and many Cempasuchil flowers. I always helped her cook, decorated the altar, and sometimes I looked for the photos. We really enjoyed it a lot.

I am living in another country with my family and sometimes I miss my traditions, my family and good times with them but I love Canada too in another way.

By your friend Rene

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Rene’s Sandwich

I like to eat sandwiches of different kinds.

Today I do a creative sandwich for you.

It is simple to do. I just need a little mayonnaise, bread, lettuce, tomato, double meat, pickle, and cheese. I just put all into the bread and then I can eat with drinking orange juice. So yummy.

Do you like my creative sandwich?.

By your friend Rene.

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Carla’s Sandwich

Carla brings something weird to school every day.  On Monday she brought oil, pickle, and green beans sandwich on Tuesday she brought a banana cottage cheese delight sandwich on Wednesday she brought orange and brown and lumpy, it was peanut butter and crackers and cheese sandwich on Thursday she brought a potato cheese and cucumber sandwich on Friday she brought sardine and mustard sandwich. The next Monday she feels sad because no one wants to eat lunch with her.

At the class picnic Buster is very hungry and eats Carla’s sandwich called the combo Deluxe. He thinks that the sandwich is the best sandwich ate ever in his life. After Carla’s classmates try her sandwich the combo deluxe, all students bring a weird except Carla. She brings a simple sandwich for lunch. It is peanut butter and jelly. Her classmates want to be creative in their sandwiches.

Carla likes to be different.

By your friend Rene

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Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Sylvester Duncan lived with his mother and father. During a vacation, he found a red pebble by the lake. When he took the red pebble in his hands all his wishes become in reality. When Sylvester Dunkan was walking home, he crossed the strawberry hill and he saw a hungry lion looking right at him behind the grass. He was frightened,  he wishes he were a rock. His mother and father were worried because Sylvester didn’t come back home.

After one year Mr. and Mrs. Duncan decided to go on for a picnic Mr. Duncan found the same red pebbles. It was together to the rock (Sylvester). They wish that their son returns with them. Sylvester turns back with them. They were happy again.

By Rene

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Mother’s day

Yesterday it was mother’s day. My dad, my brother, and I waked up my mom with a popular Mexican song for mother’s day. We give her gifts like beautiful flowers, helium balloons, and cards that my brother and I made it for her. My mom was super happy with the surprise. Mexico celebrates it too we called my grandma, in fact, she was cooking something delicious for her party with my grandpa and my uncle.

In the evening my father, my mom, my brother and I went out to Mills Lake Park and we went shopping my dad bought nice flowers again and other things. It was a fun family outing. When we got home my dad was cooking for us and then we ate a delicious chocolate cake.

My mom is special for me because we do a lot of fun things together like read books, play video games, watch tv, exercise, study, go to martial arts, skate, Kumon and sometimes we go to the cinema and the mall. I like to go on vacation with her. My mom makes me delicious hot cakes in the morning in quarantine, so yummy. I love my mom so much.

By Rene.

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